About II

Infinite Irons has been operating since 1998. I started hand building tattoo machines from raw materials in Dallas, Texas and moved to Florida in 2000. I started tattooing in 1987, built my first coil machine in 1992 and quickly realized I needed some serious tools to make the best machines I could. I continued to modify machines and went full time in to building them from scratch in 1998.

Every "stock" machine ordered is built from the frame up specifically for the artist and their needs. We don't pre-build our stock models and ship them as a one size fits all machine. When you order you can tell us how you tattoo, what type of needle groupings you use, what style of work you do, if you like a long or short throw, etc. and when the order comes in I will adjust the build and tune it to suit your specific needs. So if you are a portrait specialist, general street shop artist or apprentice the machine will be built with that in mind. Not only do we customize the build for the artist but we can also give the machines a customized aesthetic look with our many options like coloring the frame any color you request, wrapping the coils in any color or image, engraving the frame or stamping the frame.

I have had a full service machine shop since 2008 and I expand it as often as I can. I pride myself on high precision, high tolerance tattoo machines. I like simple, industrial strength machines that will last a lifetime. Custom, one of a kind machines are my favorite to do, I will list them on the site as they are finished.

My belief is that a tattoo machine is more like an instrument than a tool. You can throw a tool in the rusty tool box and get it out weeks later and use it with no care. A tattoo machine is more like a nice pocket watch or a gun. They should be treated as such. This is the idea that drives me to reach the highest levels of quality I can. With a little maintenance and proper storage your machines should last many life times, this is why I call my shop Infinite Irons. I always help my clients with care and replacement parts for machines where a part breaks for life. I do not take in wear and tear type jobs. I will send you a spring if you break one, for example.

I also take great care with my clients. From guys that don't want to turn the contact screw to guys that are ready to build their own, I back my products up 100% with no attitude. If you need to send something to me for a repair or if you just need replacement parts, you will receive it back quickly. I hear many horror stories about machines ending up in worse shape, being gone for weeks or months. Or never getting returned at all. I go out of my way to back up the lifetime guarantee, and treat everyone with great respect. Please show me the same respect, no matter what your age is.

I will replace any broken springs or parts for free, PLEASE DO NOT send the machine in, send the broken part in, or send a picture as proof for the warranty. All you have to pay for is shipping and any parts that show normal wear and tear.

Infinite Irons is not a big company. It's me, Amy and my buddy Neil. He is running all the CNC machines on a daily basis and feeds me the parts I need to fabricate the machines I make. I am very proud of Neil for completing welding school and becoming an awesome welder. More of his skills are being put to use in different areas here at the workshop.

My wife Amy handles the phone and paperwork and can help with most questions so I can build you a nice machine. She is the most helpful customer relations person I know and gets emails, calls, and more everyday about her great customer care.

We offer completed parts for my fellow machine builders as well as many more custom tools to help tattooers maintain their machines. Please check back once in a while to check out new products, custom machines, new tools, and many more Infinite Irons products. Thanks!

Infinite Irons sells to professional Tattoo Artists only except for T-shirts, belts and other non-tattooing related items. Machines are nonrefundable especially if they are custom built and for saftey reasons but if you have any issues please be in contact so we can make a case by case decision to refund or replace. We are very prompt but make no guarantee how long it will take for your orders to arive. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, PAYPAL, & MONEY ORDERS. 

Best regards,

Joey D.